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Success in dropshipping relies on winning products that your target audience loves and purchases enthusiastically. These products not only boost your confidence but also discourage you from abandoning your store after the initial sales. To ensure a successful launch, dedicate time to thorough product research, emphasizing the importance of achieving a strong product-market fit for maximum sales

What makes a successful winning products?

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Traditionally, major retailers invested heavily in research specialists and substantial budgets to comprehend their customers, often yielding positive outcomes but not preventing occasional over- or underestimation of a product’s true value. Today, with technology and the Internet, the process of transforming ideas into winning products or services has become accessible and affordable for everyone, no matter how small the budget. So what makes a marketable and successful product?
At the heart of your thinking should be the question of what benefit the product you’re trying to sell will have for your potential customers. It must meet at least one of the following criteria:
Distinctiveness: the product you want to sell must stand out with unique features.

You increase the likelihood of proposing a winning products by appealing to a broader customer base, providing problem-solving solutions, offering high-demand products at competitive prices, ensuring ease of use with clear instructions or instructional videos, showcasing tangible benefits, incorporating additional features compared to competitors, and bolstering credibility with customer testimonials on your sales page

Why is researching for a winning product important?

Before featuring a winning product on your store, conduct thorough research to address critical questions:

  • Does the product have a chance of being successful?
  • What is the best strategy to sell it?

Furthermore, focused product research is vital to evaluating your idea, pinpointing potential issues, and ensuring that the product’s features align with customer needs. This approach not only helps you avoid costly mistakes but also establishes a unique process that sets you apart from the competition while meeting your customers’ needs and identifying winning products.


What is the best way to conduct product research?

The first phase of your product research is a preparation phase and should be conducted according to the following criteria:
Look for items that are durable and easy to ship. Avoid oversized, perishable and fragile products.
Make sure the product you’re thinking about is available in your dropshipper’s warehouse.
It should be priced so that your business doesn’t have profitability issues and costly expenses. In other words, think of a product that is neither too cheap nor too expensive.

In the second phase, the key question is: how to find the best niche? Start by examining top-selling products on Amazon and Aliexpress, even if you don’t use the latter as a vendor. This can help you identify lucrative niches or confirm their saturation and pinpoint winning products. Click on product pages for detailed insights into orders and customer reviews. Additionally, research stores in your niche on Shopify by searching “ + your niche” on Google to analyze your competitors.

While you’re looking at the best-selling items, you’ll also identify your potential competitors, giving you access to valuable information about their offerings and how they communicate about their items. In other words, you can spy on your competitors, and all you have to do to get all the information you need about them is ask Google. If you want to go even further, you can even secretly store in their stores to learn how they behave towards their customers after the purchase, helping you pinpoint winning products. This will also open up their email marketing for you!

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Social media can also help you narrow down your choices, and you can track trending products thanks to hashtags, aiding in the identification of winning products. Use to search for trending hashtags in the industry or niche you’re interested in. Then you can search for posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. that use the hashtags you find. Also, remember to check groups and pages on Facebook to find out what your potential audience is interested in. Focus on those whose posts generate a lot of engagement, and don’t forget to keep the hashtags you used for your research to reuse for your marketing campaigns.

When researching on Instagram, also look for influencers in the niche you’re interested in and see how they market items and how audiences respond to their posts.

Pinterest can also be a good place to gain insights and identify winning products. Use keywords to search for pins, and look at the comments users have left on them. You need to use keywords, otherwise the results of your search will only pertain to the interest areas you selected at the beginning.

Drophippo’s special tips to always find the best products

Drophippo was founded by former dropshippers who have tried almost all methods and apps for product research. Here are the three tools we think are essential to help you find successful products:

Google Trends: Google Trends is a free online tool developed by Google to show users how many times a keyword has been researched in a given time period, aiding in the identification of winning products. Dropshippers use it to evaluate the evolution of a product and see if its popularity is increasing or decreasing. The tool is easy to use, as all you have to do is enter the search term and the name of your niche and evaluate the results in the form of charts and maps. The form of the charts will give you an idea of the evolution of user research for your chosen niche and the maps will guide you to your potential markets.

Alishark: Alishark is a great spy tool for any dropshipper who wants to quickly find winning products at a good price. It’s quick and easy to use, the data it provides is reliable and comes from a variety of sources. The tool offers good customer support and is updated regularly. Enter your product idea in the search bar and then use the filter function to customize the results according to your criteria. After that, you need to track the results (likes, sales statistics, shares…) before checking the item’s details, including the price, on the Aliexpress page. At the end of your research, you can upload the item to your Shopify store if the results suit you.

EcomHunt: This is another tool that helps you save time you’d spend on searching for successful products, and you can focus on things that are more important for your dropshipping business. It updates all the data including successful products, profit, links, engagement, analytics, Facebook ads, etc. on a daily basis and all the work is done by experts. Thanks to its features, the tool allows its users to immediately start selling items of their choice in their stores.

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